WatchLock with GPS guards your valuables notifies you on smartphone

Mul-T-Lock  watchlock

Do you have the best security system installed to safeguard your belongings, yet you are not completely satisfied? Are you always worried about how safe your belongings are and wish you had a security system that could alert you in real time and keep track of your stuff for you, no matter where you are? Well, WatchLock is such intelligent lock which comes with a built-in GPS and a GSM module. Considered a step-up in security, the WatchLock in an innovative new padlock which has been created jointly by two Israeli companies Mul-T-Lock and Starcom Systems. When the WatchLock sense that it is being tampered with, a wrong person is trying to open, or it is being moved to a new location, it launches the GPS and sends out a text message to the smartphone attached to it.

Considering the facets, we imagine the WatchLock is made for business clients. And that it could be great for people to let them monitor mobile possessions which are in remote locations with the help of the smartphones and mobile computers. The padlock comes with an app which enables real-time monitoring from anywhere at any given time making the WatchLock a high-security locking system. The locking system is expected to start selling soon for a retail price of $380 with $7 a month maintenance fee for alerts and monitoring.

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