Hyetis Crossbow is a 41 megapixel smartwatch stuffed with irresistible features

Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch

A 41 megapixel smarphone surely turned some eyeballs but how about a 41 megapixel smartwatch that interacts with your smartphone seamlessly? That is exactly what Swiss watchmaker Hyetis is going to offer its lucky 500 customers for the price tag of $1200. Coming in a limited edition version, the smartwatch is named as Crossbow and truly redefines the thin line between a smartphone and a wristwatch. Loaded with WiFi functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, Near Field Communication (NFC), GPS, touchscreen, mechanical hand movement and most importantly a thumping 41 MP camera this smartwatch is state of the art in its design as well as features.

Coming with a Zeiss optical zoom lens having integrated flash, this smartwatch can click some amazingly detailed photographs if you have a steady hand at doing so. Additionally the integrated HD microphone with noise reduction facilitates voice calling without any hitch. Capable of pairing up with Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphones or tablets; this wristwatch has a unique function wherein it can run even when the rechargeable battery is dead via automatic wound movement.

Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch

The Crossbow smartwatch case and back is made in grade 5 titanium with Dark Knight polished finish which won’t give away even at the depths of 250 meters. Apart from all the high-end camera, this watch boasts of an altimeter, thermometer, hygrometer, biometric sensor device and light meter for adventure freaks. Moreover the high-definition LCD dial ensures nice picture quality.

The Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch is scheduled for delivery by December 2013 and pre-orders are going on right now, so if you really want it then go grab it.

Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch



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