3D printed skateboard by Sam Abbott

3D printed skateboard by Sam Abbott

With so many 3D printed objects that we come across almost every other day, it is inevitable that somewhere down the line there is going to be a 3D printed skateboard manufactured by some designer. Dutch artist Sam Abbott took part in a competition by 3DprintUK (co-hosted by CGtrader) and as the winner of this competition he got his twin tip skateboard 3D printed by the organizing company. Since the design of this skateboard is longer than the usual designs, therefore it was built in three separate pieces and then joined later on with connector pins for maximum strength. With a very unique patterned surface print, this skateboard looks uber’ cool and ready for a rider feet to land on it. Only the wheels and trucks which hold the wheels together are made from other material and not 3D printed, other than that the skateboard is completely 3D printed.

From the bottom section it looks like the abrasive yet more beautiful surface of moon with a very soft look, but it actually is very strong underneath. You can have a look at the video showing how this twin tip skateboard came into existence.

Via: DesignBoom



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