Solar powered calculator made entirely from bamboo

Solar powered bamboo calculator

Solar powered calculators have been in the scene from the 1970s but nothing much, except the shape, has changed since; now a solar powered calculator made entirely from bamboo is set to change routine. The handheld electronic calculator from Japanese manufacture is powered by photovoltaic panels mounted on the device, which allow the calculator to be used without battery.  The environmentally friendly bamboo calculator has a natural feel and would look every so appealing on your conventional desk.

Measuring 14.8cm long, 9.4cm broad and 1.5cm thick, the bamboo calculator weighs only 185g and has a standard 12-digit display for maximum calculation. Gadgets and accessories made from bamboo are making into the trend steadily, it hasn’t been long since we acquainted you with the bamboo iPhone 5 dock and the Bluetooth bamboo keyboard.

Priced at 1,499 yen (approximately $15), besides enjoying the green credentials, the solar powered bamboo calculator will also relish the advantage of allowing the user to work on it without the need for battery replacement. However, the bamboo calculator will not work indoors under insufficient lights.

Solar powered bamboo calculator  Solar powered bamboo calculator  Solar powered bamboo calculator  Solar powered bamboo calculator

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