Measure accurate distance of golf course holes during game

Finder  Apresys PowerLine 660

As a golfer you know how difficult it gets to keep track of all your shots and the distance of the hole from your hitting position. To counter this problem you need to get hold of Laser Range Finder  Apresys PowerLine 660 that will not only help you in gaging the distance of the golf course hole but also measure the distance of other objects like balloons in the sky or the distance of a flying airplane for example. When you turn on the power button and point this gadget towards any object like the putt flag or ball, it gives the accurate distance within 0.5 seconds which is quite appreciable. Apresys PowerLine 660 also becomes handy for taking accurate measurements in construction sites or even measuring the distance of an approaching car on the freeway, just like the cops do to issue you speeding tickets.

Finder  Apresys PowerLine 660

This distance measuring gadget uses laser technology by firing a laser beam at the object and then calculating the distance by analyzing the time in which the beam reflects back. PowerLine 660 laser range finder comes in white color and is completely water-proof and dust resistant. The gadget not only measures distance of an object in straight line but also uphill or downhill especially in case of golf game.

Finder  Apresys PowerLine 660

Weighing just 190 grams and having 6 times magnification just in case the object is too far off to see, it is capable of measurements in the range of 5-660 meters. Apresys PowerLine 660 is priced at $180 USD and can be purchased right now.

Finder  Apresys PowerLine 660

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