Samsung to display concept printers with smartphone dock at IFA 2013

Samsung printers with smartphone dock

It hasn’t been too long since we saw Samsung blow our minds with its new NFC-enabled color laser printers; we weren’t really able to fancy their arrival so much then but at the forthcoming IFA electronics show in Berlin we will have a closer look at them for sure. In addition to that, Samsung will also have a trio of concept printers with smartphone dock on display from September 6 to 11, which we were given an early peak into by Samsung. The three concept printers with smartphone dock are called Wave, Indie and One & One, though details on each one of them are scanty for now, but let’s take a look at them individually after the jump.


All the three concept printers have been designed to print from your smartphone, and Wave is just one of them. There isn’t anything special about its design, but according to Samsung the Wave features a minimal, organic design. There is no additional information on what technology it uses to print but we are pretty sure your Samsung phones will now be able to print directly by just docking it into one of these printers.


The Indie is a little special one on the list; it’s a printer with smartphone dock and built-in speakers. Now you must be wondering what you have to do with a printer that has a sound system, we are also still figuring it out. With Indie too, we are not sure of the type of printing it will do.


Dubbed the One & One this is the third concept printer that resembles a record player. This monochrome laser printer (that is what this one is suppose to be) prints using two colors.

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