Steampunk scooter is a music machine on the go

Steampunk scooter by Arthur van Poppel

A ride straight out of the fantasy world that is exactly what this steampunk scooter by Arthur van Poppel looks like. Loaded with instruments like guitar, amp, horn section and more; this steampunk scooter has that golden look. Furthermore the decorations including pressure valves and other gauges add to its look that is unique and definitely attracts attention. This is just one of the creations of this artist who makes them and takes them to the streets for performance. The most interesting bit of this steampunk scooter is that there is a freaky looking see through guitar which has a microphone attached to it so that Arthur can sing along as he plays the guitar when the scooter is parked.

Other music machines that Arthur has made are also eye-pooping including a steampunk submarine called Nautilus, a three wheeled car that actually looks like F-35 Jet plane and some strange musical performance machine straight out of Harry Potter’s era.

Jet plane car F 35 by Arthur van Poppel

F 35 Jet plane car by Arthur van Poppel

Steampunk music machine by Arthur van Poppel

Steampunk music machine by Arthur van Poppel

Via: DarkRoastedBlend/Muziekkunstenaar



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