Fire throwing Greathouse mobility scooter is one heck of a ride

Fire throwing Greathouse mobility scooter

FLAMEnco flame throwing guitar looks so lame in front of the Lord Humungous created by 52-year-old Lance Greathouse from Phoenix, Arizona. Greathouse, who started the Greathouse Labs in 2004 is a dental equipment engineer with a passion for building mobility scooters. Lord Humungous, result of $1000 and a month of labor, is one bad ass mobility scooter made out of an electric golf cart, all terrain tires, a helicopter seat and some dental mechanics and has a flame thrower installed which spits fire to almost 10 meters away.

Greathouse Labs customizes wheelchairs for disabled people to reflect their personality. It sends out pimped wheelchairs to the needy and this flame throwing Greathouse mobility scooter is certainly going to create a buzz in every person. There is no word on mass production of the fire breathing beast but we are sure none of us would want to ride something of this magnitude and firepower in the neighborhood. Hit the jump to see the Lord Humungous shooting flames.

Fire throwing Greathouse mobility scooter

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