Canon iVIS mini camera shoots professional footage of your talents

Canon iVIS mini camera

Canon is eyeing to capture the ever growing craze for geeks who like to show off their skills on video sharing portals. For example a swift dancer would like to show the world, what cool moves he/she has got. So here it is, Canon iVIS mini camera that is your best buddy when it comes to shooting creative videos without the need of your real buddies of course. Equipped with a 170 degrees lens for taking still images and 160 degrees for moving images, the iVIS mini camera boasts-of a movable touch panel LCD (2.3 inch at 2, 30,000) monitor and stand that can be extended to a height of maximum 60 degrees. This camera is not just limited to shooting normal images or videos, it can automatically vary the lens zoom-in or zoom-out and take shots in mirror image mode, flip vertical mode, slow mode, interval mode and also allows your smartphone to function as a remote control for the camera.

To store all your recordings the camera has a microSD card slot which is a good thing for people who have plans on shooting long videos of their own. Canon iVIS mini camera weighs only 160 grams and good to carry around with you in your backpack. The camera is all set for launch on 17th September in Japan and most probably in Europe too for the price tag of 29,980 Yen ($300 USD).

Via: Canon



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