Bespoke carbon fiber travel case by Fairwheel Bikes costs $50,000

Carbon fiber travel case by Fairwheel Bikes

When you seek to make a statement to the world you tend to cross a few limits. This is what Arizona retailer Fairewheel Bikes did when they custom designed a carbon fiber travel case and a bike for Swiss cycling enthusiast named Olivier. Along with providing Olivier a case to show to the world, Fairwheel in assistance from Jason Economou at Carbotron Composites and a few other manufacturers has also custom built a bike (even 3D printed some parts) that would fit inside the amazing travel case and be good enough to carry the 6ft 2in and 210lb cyclist.

The Fairwheel’s carbon fiber travel case is fully bespoke and interestingly it has a complete carbon fiber body from within too. There is no padding on the inside; instead there is a custom cradle build in the case that securely holds the bike in event of transportation. The bike being custom built from scratch up, can fold out entirely to fit well inside the case and the custom anodized parts of the bike perfectly complement the case’s design. The case has special slots on both flaps where the wheels can be easily strapped – so Olivier has the entire bike covered for transit.

Given the $50,000 price tag, the carbon fiber travel case is extremely robust and completely waterproof. Fairewheel Bikes have no plans about bringing the amazing case to the market yet, but you can approach them to build one for you provided you have half a million dollars to spare for a bike and case and they have the zeal to build another.

Carbon fiber travel case by Fairwheel Bikes  Carbon fiber travel case by Fairwheel Bikes

Via: BikeRadar



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