TAG Heuer MERDIIST Sapphire Special Edition 1860 smartphone

TAG Heuer MERDIIST Sapphire Special Edition 1860 smartphone

Tag Heuer well known for its exquisite timepieces is now foraying into the smartphone market with their latest presentation. TAG Heuer MERDIIST Sapphire Special Edition 1860 smartphone has sapphire crystal as the base material for top screen, front screen and base if the keyboard for that incomparable sleek surface. The smartphone will be limited to only 1860 pieces in a choice of six models that the user can specify. Even though MERDIIST line of smartphones was launched in 2008, providing high class clients with exclusive mobile communication tools but TAG Heuer MERDIIST Special Edition 1860 smartphone is in an altogether different league with its attention to detail design.

The phone has black, grey or brown (whichever you choose) alligator skin back that is trimmed with matching sticking and antenna cover. The case of this smartphone is finished in 316L stainless steel with satin-brushed, mirror-polished or fine perlage finish options. And yet there is this fourth option that comes in dark blue alligator skin having bright blue PVD finish, fifth one that is white alligator skin made studded with 130 pave diamonds and the sixth one in black alligator and rose trim finish.

1860 signifies the year in which Edouard Heuer founded this high-end brand by opening his Swiss workshop, the present range that Tag Heuer boasts-of and the future of this watchmaking company. That is why special edition smartphone has been limited to 1860 pieces only.

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