Jawbone Mini Jambox, ultra-small wireless speaker for just about everywhere

Jawbone Mini Jambox portable wireless speaker

Jawbone the name that boosted popularity of portable wireless speakers with the Jambox in 2010, is now back to take on the market with a scaled down, i.e. in size, version of their portable speaker – the Mini Jambox. The Jawbone Mini Jambox keeps the peculiarity of loudness and spec of its predecessor in a body that is remarkably appealing and small enough to be carried around anywhere, without adding additional weight to the carry bag or pocket. Mini Jambox is a lighter and thinner portable wireless speaker, measuring only 24.5mm wide and weighing as little as 9 ounces, and it is made out of single aluminum frame that acts as an audio acoustic cavity to deliver incredible sound.

According to Jawbone, the Mini Jambox has more volume and better quality audio output in comparison with the good old Jambox. It pairs with a mobile device via Bluetooth, and the solid metal body is built-in with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that sports 10 hours of battery backup. So, no matter where you are – in a conference, a picnic or just sitting at home watching movies on the iPad, the Jawbone Mini Jambox will be your ultimate friend for all audio needs.

Jawbone Mini Jambox will come with a new Jambox app for the iOS and Android. The app will permit users to control the portable wireless speaker’s settings from a distance and additional serve as a hub for all your music playlists (it will combine Spotify, Rdio and native music on the device as a playlist on single screen). The music hub feature is only available for the iPhone for now, Android will be made compatible soon. Jawbone Mini Jambox is available for pre-order on Jawbone’s official website for $179.99. There is no word on the release date yet.

Via: Engadget/Gizmodo 



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