Who’ll burn their pockets for these £10,000 gold earphones?

happy Plugs gold earphones

Normally people are not so careful about keeping their earphones in tact simply because they can get another pair for nominal prices. But these pair of earphones will make you think twice before even getting a scratch on them. Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition are a set of in-ear phones that are adorned in ulp 18-carat solid gold made by Swedish goldsmith in Stockholm and the 3.5 mm gold plated connector ensures high-quality connection stereo sound. Carrying an eye-popping price tag of £10,000, these earphones got to sound good otherwise the owner is going to be not so happy chappy.

happy Plugs gold earphones

For those who can’t even think of investing such a huge sum of money in a pair of earphones, there is the metallic colored headphone version in gold and silver that will set you back just 25 Euro ($30 USD) and 35 Euro ($40 USD).

Coming onto the Happy Plugs earphones, they are 14.8 mm handmade drivers with frequency response of 20 Hz-50 Hz with impedance of 32+15% and sensitivity of 110+3dB. Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition earphones are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung and other devices.

happy Plugs gold earphones

happy Plugs gold earphones

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