Ricoh Theta spherical camera captures 360-degree image in one shot

Ricoh Theta spherical camera

We are all such big fans of clicking panoramic images with our smartphones and digital cameras. But no matter how extended and gorgeous the images are, we still feel there is scope for some more. Japanese imaging company, Ricoh has revealed Theta a new spherical imaging device as a solution for our want for that more. Unveiled in Berlin at the IFA 2013, the Ricoh Theta is world’s first mass produced camera that boosts of capturing 360-degree image in single shot. This unprecedented capability of the full spherical camera makes it a ground breaking imaging device for photographers of all skill levels.

Ricoh Theta lets you capture and share the most creative images clicked through the camera’s really-small twin lens folded optical system. The imaging device syncs with a smartphone and lets you capture the whole scene, including the above and below easily with a simple click of the smartphone’s button. Weighing as little as 95g, the Ricoh Theta can be carried in the pocket and fits well in the palm of the hand for easy handling.

Presently Ricoh Theta works with an app compatible with iOS 6 and up. The app lets the users’ swipe, rotate, edit and share images they click. Theta will be made Android compatible before the end of 2013. Ricoh Theta is will be available for preorder later this month for $399.

Ricoh Theta spherical camera

Via: Ricoh/T3



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