Garmin zumo 390LM GPS Motorcycle navigator is waterproof and readable in bright sun

Garmin zumo 390LM GPS Motorcycle navigator

Garmin has released a very new innovative GPS tracking system for motorcycle riders that helps keep them on track, day or night. Garmin zumo 390LM GPS Motorcycle navigator with 4.3 inch screen is readable even on the most bright sun filled day and is completely touchscreen operated for rider’s usability with the option to be mounted anywhere on the handlebar or even inside your car. Built specifically for motorcycle riders, the glove-friendly touchscreen lets you input information without removing gloves and is left handed optimized for convenience.

Garmin zumo 390LM GPS Motorcycle navigator

In addition, there is Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to hear-in turn-by-turn directions to reach your destination safely with assists like junction view, lane assist and TrackBack. Garmin zumo 390LM GPS Motorcycle navigator can withstand any harsh conditions like pouring rain, freezing or hot temperature and even gas vapors courtesy its fuel-resistant plastics. Also, the system collaborates with your smartphone to make and receive calls without the need to take out the phone while driving. The device is compatible with BaseCamp for planning rides and creating routes, while the Track Draw feature allows you to have a look at the elevation changes in route. Thye Price tag of $700 for Garmin zumo 390 LM might seem a bit on the higher side but for people who love bikes and are frequently going out on adventure trips it is a cool gadget to carry along.

Garmin zumo 390LM GPS Motorcycle navigator

In addition to the navigation system you can also go for Tire Pressure Monitor System that keeps a check on tire pressure in real time via the ANT technology as you can add TPMS sensor for each tire. It even flashes out alerts in case the tire pressure is low and also monitors the tire pressure over time to create a graph to detect slow leaks and prevent them from becoming a bigger problem later on. This also increases tire life and Tire Pressure Monitor System comes for just $70.

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