Ultra-portable Nova wireless flash for iPhone

Nova wireless external flash for iPhone

iblazr external LED flash for smartphones really shocked us with its functionality and universality.  With a motive to tap into the similar market but with a little more focus is the all new external iPhone flash – the Nova. Nova wireless flash is a color temperature adjustable credit card sized external flash, which syncs with the iPhone using Bluetooth. For now the Nova is only compatible with the iPhone, Android compatibility for Bluetooth 4.0 devices could be included soon. It is extremely portable, yet something every photographer would want, thanks its light quality and brightness control facet.

Nova wireless flash comprises of 40 LEDs the brightness and light quality of which can be adjusted by the user with a free Nova app. The Nova app also lets the user pull up a graph to adjust how warm or bright the light should be (why do you need a DSLR when you have iPhone with this magical flash accessory). Joe Walnes and Alex Lukashevich (makers) have put Nova wireless flash up on Kickstarter to seek crowdfunding to make it a marketable product soon. Nova has already accrued almost $35,000 as oppose to $25,000 that it wanted to raise.

Nova wireless external flash for iPhone

Nova wireless external flash for iPhone

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