Massage vest relieves you from stress and anxiety

Massage vest Cornell University

After a stressful day at work, when you get back home, best thing you desire is a gentle massage that can ease all the anxiety and stress. You can’t always have your mother or wife to give you that stress releasing massage, so a team of Cornell University students has invented an electric massage vest integrated with piezoelectric cells and tiny motors to gently massage you like a human. The vest is designed to massage the back and shoulder of the wearer to relieve him/her of stress and its associated health problems.

Stress is directly related to health problems like obesity, hypertension, depression and heart diseases. The trio of Gaeta, Eric Beaudette and Hadi Hosseinzadegan has developed their functional apparel in order to combat the negative effects of stress and decrease the risk of health problems linked with it.

The massage vest won one of two $10,000 Innovation Awards from Cornell’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which the trio visions to use to improvise on the vest’s flexibility, design and fit. The team as filled a patent for stress-reducing massage belt and hope they would soon have a vest ready, which besides being function will be really stylish to wear. Getting a massage as you work or stroll through the mall could soon find a new meaning.

Massage vest Cornell University




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