Vicon Cara: World’s first head mounted 3D facial motion capture system

Vicon Cara 3D facial motion capture system

Head mounted cameras are the future of all types of photography and videography. The gear may still be in its infancy for now, but that isn’t going to stop the likes motion capture company Vicon from doing their share for the revolutionary future. For the convenience of filmmaking and camerawork industry, Vicon has invented Cara, a new head mounted 3D facial motion camera system. Vicon Cara is world’s first state-of-the-art 3D facial motion capture system, which comes with its own custom made HeadRig. The camera system, designed to be mounted onto the HeadRig, comprises of four 720p HD cameras with up to 60 fps, which track wearer’s facial motion. The basic idea behind Cara is to bring forth a facial motion capturing to films, animation and video games in all new affordable and highly productive way.

Vicon Cara 3D facial motion capture system

Weighing as light as 31g, Vicon Cara sits securely on the any headgear including the specially designed HeadRig to be worn comfortably by the actor. The images captured are transmitted wirelessly from Cara to Cara Live – a live monitoring system. This means the images can be live streamed and exported to CaraPost (offline software uses 2D data from the cameras into 3D motion data) and then to third party animation platforms.

Vicon Cara 3D facial motion capture system

Vicon Cara is truly flexible and modular facial motion capturing system. It allows the user to use one, two, three or all four camera on HeadRig on any other similar user preferred headgear. Cara is available for pre-order from Vicon.

Via: Vicon



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