iPhone never sounded as good as it does with mini bazooka speaker

mini bazooka speaker

When the whole world is anxiously waiting for the new version(s) of the iPhone, we’d like to acquaint our readers with a mini bazooka speaker for the iPhone. Designed to provide the most portable sound to your phone, the mini bazooka speaker by Thanko in Japan is compatible with all phones and tablets with a 3.5mm jack. The ultra-portable speaker synchronizes with the mobile device via headphone slot do deliver amazing 3W surround sound. The speaker can either be attached to the smartphone or tablet body (in horizontal or portrait mode) with its specially designed clasp or can be left on the table like an ordinary portable speaker.

The truly powerful mini bazooka speaker enhances the sound output like nothing of its size. For better use it can also be held in one hand with the phone or tablet in the other. Measuring as little as 4cm in size and weighing as light as 53g the amazing little genius can play continuous music for two hours on a single charge. Priced at 1,480 yen (approximately $15), the mini bazooka speaker can be recharged via USB.

mini bazooka speaker   mini bazooka speaker

mini bazooka speaker

Via: Thanko



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