Sony’s PlayStation Vita TV caters to gaming and media streaming

Sony's PlayStation Vita TV

Things are certainly rolling for Sony’s handheld PS Vita. A few days ago on 5th September, it had its first ‘proper’ shooter in the form of the loot rich Killzone: Mercenaries. And, then Sony has announced a brand new PS Vita model four days later. However, some of us might have missed another Vita device that Sony had quite oddly unveiled, and that is the PlayStation Vita TV. As many of you can deduce from its name, the Vita TV has no screen of its own; it needs to be connected to a television or HD monitor for your gaming experience.

Having bantam dimensions of just 2.6″ x 4.1″ x  0.54″ the svelte 110g Vita TV  is touted to be able play the majority of PS Vita games, along with all the games from PS One Classics and PSP games found in the Playstation Network store. As for controls, it will have the Dualshock 3 controllers (the very same ones used in PS3).

Sony's PlayStation Vita TV

In terms of advantages, the PS Vita TV will have its indigenous version of Sony’s Remote Play technology for convenient syncing with the PS4 (when it is released). So hypothetically, if you have a PS4 connected to a television, you can stream your games to another television via Vita TV, with both of the Sony devices being on the same WiFi network. Other features include a Vita game card slot, HDMI port, USB 2.0 port, Ethernet port, WiFi  and a separate slot for Sony’s memory cards.

Sony's PlayStation Vita TV

Finally, as for pricing, the PS Vita TV will retail for $100, which is significantly lower than its handheld cousin. However, the users have to buy their Dualshock 3 controllers separately or use the controllers from their already owned PS3.

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