Triposo Travel belt lets you travel like a local in foreign land

Triposo Travel belt

The best way to travel like a local in a new place is to let your phone guide you through. Now, that is so ordinary. Come February 2014, and you could be guiding yourself through a new locality just like a local thanks to Triposo Travel belt. An inconspicuous piece of wearable tech, the Triposo Travel belt plugs into the standard 3.5mm jack of a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). It uses a dedicated Triposo app and vibrates to indicate the direction you need to take. Say goodbye to looking into your phone all the time, and navigate the most alien places just like a local.

The app takes commands from the map on the device Triposo Travel belt is connected to. The app is intelligent enough to know exactly where you are standing and where you are headed to. It sends signals to the belt, as the wearer begins to move, to alert the wearer about the direction he/she must take to the destination. The Triposo Travel belt comprises of four vibration motors to indicate – front, back, left and right.

The Triposo Travel belt is up to secure funding on Indiegogo. You can pledge $50 to get the world’s first travel belt in case you’re a frequent tourist to places new place. The belt is expected to begin shipping in February next year.

Triposo Travel belt

Via: CrunchWear/GadgetReview



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