Defikopter: Drone Defibrillator saves lives where ambulance cannot reach

Definetz  Defikopter drone

A cardiac attack can strike in the middle of nowhere. It may take an ambulance while to reach spot, in a scenario where difference between seconds means life and death, a solution that can reach in split seconds could save live. To make such a solution a reality – a non-profit from Germany named Definetz in collaboration with technology company Height-Tech has revealed a flying defibrillator. The Definetz’s flying defibrillator dubbed Defikopter is drone that travels up to six miles at a top speed of 43 mph.

The Definetz’s drone is basically designed for golf courses or remote areas where ambulances cannot reach in time because of distance, weak infrastructure or tough terrains. The 10 pound Defikopter can fly and reach the place of incident immediately without any hindrance. The Defikopter hovers over the patient and drops a defibrillator to some assistant to give victim the electric charge. This can increase the patients chances of survival until the ambulance can arrive and the patient can be transported.

The Defikopter was on display at a golf club in the Teutoburg Forest, in West Germany. A completely operational drone defibrillator is expected to be made available early next year for a price of about $40,000.

Definetz  Defikopter

Via: FastCoExist/TheVerge



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