Boeing 502 jet engine powered dog house is a cat’s worse nightmare

Jet powered dog house Snoopy

We have seen super powered shopping cart and other things on wheels that no one else would dare to make, but this time around is a dog house that steals the show. Made by the duo of husband and wife based in Indianapolis, Indiana, this 1,000 HP jet-powered dog house boasts-of a 30 feet flame throwing Boeing 502 engine and can hurl to a speed of 75 mph. Paul Stender is aged 48 but still he and his sports entertainment team Indy Boys Inc. have the adrenalin rush to create this jet-powered dog house called Snoopy after being prompted by his school children to do so. Build on a go-kart chassis, Snoopy was put together with the help of his wife Therese aged 29 years. Since this bloke has made other jet-powered creation in the past too like jet-powered toilet and school bus therefore making a jet-powered dog house no big deal for him.

Jet powered dog house Snoopy

The driver sits on top of this jet-powered dog house and since it reaches speeds of 75 mph therefore there is a huge risk of tumbling and falling down in the front if there is a bump or the four-wheeled mad vehicle loses control, but then, risks are what make us big, so no denying the effort.

# According to Paul Stender

We take it to air shows and we put on a show where I dress up as a dog and we do a funny cat and dog chase scene. The dog then takes off on top of the dog house. I’m always the one dressed as the dog and it can be quite scary sitting on top of it, while it speeds down the track. Any time you hit a bump in the road, you risk flying off the top, which isn’t a pleasant experience. But it’s all good fun and the dog house has gone down really well with the public.

Via: DailyMail



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