Skin thermometer tattoo with sensors to monitor body temperature

Tattoo thermometer

Getting a fever or having temperature variation in the body can be a tell-tale sign of ailment, be it due to anybody injury or infection. Normally when you feel that your body is heating up and dizziness is evident, it means that there is some kind of problem with your body physics due to infection or other inflammatory conditions. To assess the situation you get hold of a thermometer and then get to know whether your body temperature is higher than normal, so that you can consult a doctor for further treatment. But now a team of researchers headed by John A. Rogers from the University of Illinois is all set to overhaul that tradition by developing a tattoo like sensor that can be embedded onto the skin to measure body temperature on the go with utmost precision.

The skin-like sensor which I like to call as the body temperature measuring tattoo is capable of measuring the body temperature wherever it is placed with millikelvin accuracy, so that the user can detect any signs of disease. The temperature of the body is projected in 3D interface above the circuit arty chip embedded on the body so that the user can instantly have a look.

Not only measuring the body temperature but the skin tattoo thermometer can also measure tissue thermal conductivity. To power up the sensors, the team is developing methods to do so. According to the team, this kind of device can be very useful in keeping track of vital mental activities, physical stimulation etc. for accurate determination of skin hydration. For now the technology looks promising and will have even more applications once it is in manufacturing stage.

Tattoo thermometer

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