4 Function Ruler Pen is your pencil, stylus and highlighter too

4 Function Ruler Pen

During a recent event that DamnGeeky organized one thing that I realized was that you desperately need tools that can multifunction and save you from carrying everything in your pockets. This 4 Function Ruler Pen by designer Adrian Olabuenaga is definitely one of them and would come handy for a variety of purposes when needed. It can function as a pen, pencil, highlighter and PDA stylus too, apart from the evident measurement function via the body imprinted ruler. Although this is one multi-purpose pen that comes nowhere near the technologically advanced gadgets that we feature on our portal but still good enough when it comes to practical use when needed.

The four options of this pen can be toggled by holding the pen horizontally and rotating it. Moreover the bright yellow color of this pen is easily spot able even in a hay stack which further explains why it has been made. To cut it short for times when you need to carry less but do more with just one tool. The 4 Function Ruler Pen is on sale currently at price of $3 so grab one for yourself.

Via: UncommonGoods



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