Disney’s Electronic Whisper – Hear secret audio message with touch of finger to the ear

Disney Research Ishin-Den-Shin Electronic Whisper

Disney Research has developed an innovative new method to turn audio message into audible signals that are transmitted by the human body. Called as Ishin-Den-Shin, meaning communication through unspoken mutual understanding in Japanese, this technology allows the communicator to transfer sound to another person’s body by simply touching their skin near the ear lobe. Amazing isn’t it? It all is possible because of the simple concept of vibration which is the reason why we hear sounds around us. In a way touching the ear lobe of other person’s ear creates an ad-hoc speaker which makes the signal clearly audible to the listener. Ishin-Den-Shin also known as Electronic Whisper comprises of a handheld Shure 55 microphone connected to a computer’s sound card which turns the sound into looped recording that is converted into high-voltage, low current inaudible signal flowing via thin wires connected to microphone that can only be heard through touch as electrostatic field is produced giving rise to small vibration.

Disney’s Electronic Whisper

This is incredible as one can relay their secret message to a specific person in a room filled with people and other’s won’t even know what the conversation was. Perhaps paving way to a new kind of inter-personal communication. Ivan Poupyrev, Yuri Suzuki, and Oliver BauFirst who are the main brains behind this technology which permits Electronic Whisper to be transmitted to only single person will truly change the way future inter-personal communications take place.

Via: DisneyResearch



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