World’s first tablet controlled virtual orchestra at Sidney Opera house

World's first virtual orchestra controlled by tablet

Using gadgets to create music in an innovative manner isn’t anything new. We have seen an iPad orchestra before, now it’s time for the first of its kind virtual orchestra in Australia, which will be controlled by tablets.  The Australian Chamber Orchestra project is scheduled (for the first time) to virtually perform at the Sidney Opera house next month. At the virtual performance spectators will be able to control musicians or play along with them with a real instrument using tablet PC. Please hit the jump for video. 

The Australian Chamber Orchestra project will play at two concerts simultaneously, one live and other virtually. The virtual concert will be a pre-recorded performance wherein spectators can use tablet PC to control visibility and sound of the orchestra’s musicians or substitute themselves for a member of the music group and play along with the rest in the concert.

The orchestra’s performance, which can be screened in 2D or 3D, will feature virtual projection of 13 members. A separate smartphone app will be made available to allow viewers to access further information about music and musicians. The orchestra says the virtual tablet controlled concert is designed to make musical performance more accessible and allow student musicians to play with alongside the stars.

Via: Telegraph



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