Arduino-compatible cute Little Robot Friends become smarter by the day

Little-robot-friends-customizable robots

For DIY makers’ there isn’t anything that gets better than the next big project. At times small projects can make a big mark too. Such is the case with Little Robot Friends – cute, smart and customizable robots by Aesthetec Studio, custom-interactive device manufacturer. Little Robot Friends (LRF) are Arduino-compatible and each of them has a unique personality which develops as users interact with them. The Robot Friends will be available in kit, so you can develop your own robot and even add to its abilities depending on your Arduino skills.

Little-robot-friends-customizable robots

Little Robot Friends are essentially a collection of smart and cute autonomous robots, made from natural materials like wood. The robots are built-in with a microphone and a 250mW speaker to hear you and express their mood respectively. The bots can sense light in the room, can feel touch and can communicate with other Little Robot Friends. With two RGB LED eyes and 8-bit 32K microcontroller brain, these bots are powered by a pair of rechargeable AAA batteries and can be bought in any shape and customization option.

Little-robot-friends-customizable robots

Little Robot Friends are arduino compatible, they can be reprogrammed in the Arduino environment easily. Users can either opt for customized bots or receive in unassembled version and put them together at home. You can give the robots any personality – Little Robot Friends’ resistors can be customized to any personality you wish the robot should have. The mini robots is a Kickstarter project, which has attained its funding goal easily with 15 days still to go (at the time of writing).



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