$395 worth PHU x Z*E*R*O camera looks like a Russian spy gadget

PHU x ZERO camera

On first look I thought this was some kind of toy or spy gadget in steampunk made from Russia but to my surprise it turned out to be a camera with stand. The maker calls it one-of-a-kind Soviet Rumble tank camera made in collaboration with ZERO that goes by an equally tech savvy name PHU x Z*E*R*O. This camera is fully functional FED-5 35 mm lens shooting gadget and is one example of inculcating artwork into modern gadgets to give them an all-together different feel. Completely handmade from recycled objects that are discarded, the FED 5 camera has been given a very cool face-lift.

In a way this whole creation is a steampunked dock for the FED 5 camera as it rides on tank tread like base. Truly one piece of DIY mod that took us by surprise. Well for the price tag of $395 this one is one for collector’s edition and geek dorms that look sci-fi.

Via: FourCornerStore



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