SmartBells Genius iPhone integrated fitness system for lazy health freaks

SmartBells Genius iPhone integrated fitness system

Hitting the gym is last thing for people who wish to have healthy bodies without extreme fitness routine or without subjecting their bodies to high impacts. Thanks to ThinkFit, Inc., and Presto Services, who have combined to make SmartBell Genius, people will now be able to do intense, correct and effective exercises at the leisure of their homes. SmartBells Genius is a new exercise device designed especially to help people reach better health without heavy exercising. Based on ThinkFit’s SmartBells exercise device (curved, cutout handle device made from iron and aluminum) proven to develop core strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular health, the SmartBell Genius  fitness system is  coach and exercise assistant. 

The SmartBell Genius requires an iPhone or iPad Touch to be mounted on the SmartBell with Presto’s exercise app. The SmartBell Genius offers easy to follow video training, real time motion tracking and feedback during exercise and after workout reports on the mounted device. With SmartBell Genius users can effortlessly follow video demonstration and carry out various yoga, stability and balance exercises correctly using the device. SmartBells Genius is currently looking for crowdfunding on Indiegogo, pledge to make this real if you like.



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