World’s first attention powered car combats accidents caused by inattentive driving

attention powered car

Driving can get dangerous in split seconds of inattention on road. To safeguard drivers against accidents caused by lack of attention while driving, Australia’s Royal Automobile Club (RAC) and neuroengineering company Emotiv have collaborated to develop the world’s first ‘attention powered car’. The ambitious solution requires a driver to wear Emotiv headgear while driving and it is an attempt to combat injuries and fatalities caused by distraction and fatigue while driving. The purpose-built Hyundai i40 combines GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and Emotiv headset to communicate with customer software of the vehicle. The combinations works automatically to slow down the car when it senses drop in driver’s attention or notices fatigue.

The driver is required to wear Emotiv’s neuro-headset that features 14 sensors and can detect electrical activity in the brain. The headgear detects if the driver is attentive and also maps sleep patter, eye movement, eye blink rate and fatigue to get an insight into the emotional state of the driver. All this driver information is sent to computer software, which commands the car to drive normally when driver is attentive and slow down when the driver is losing concentration. If the car comes to a dead stop due to driver’s inattention, then it will not come into motion until the driver has returned to full concentration.


Attention powered car has been tested by Royal Automobile Club in its premises and now it plans to set the car on a road trip to allow public to get behind the wheel of this ambitious solution and try the tech for themselves.

Via: CNet/Gizmodo



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