Smallest road legal car drives into Guinness World Records 2014

Smallest road worthy car Guinness World Records 2014

29 year old Austin Coulson from Phoenix, USA has driven straight into the Guinness World Records 2014 with his road worthy smallest car measuring 63.5 centimeters high and 1.3 meters long. The car is compliant with all the road safety regulation and contains all the regular parts of a car for it to qualify as a street legal car. With everything from wipers, seat belts, turn signal indicator etc. this small little car is the buzz of the town these days as people want to pose and get their photos clicked with it. This small car can reach speeds of 40 km/h on public roads which is impressive considering its wheel base and overall size. The paint work used for this car comes themed around P51 Mustang military aircraft and the sides inscribed with tail number of the ship that Austin’s grandfather served on during World War II.

The body of this small car is from 57 Chevy Bel Air mock-up that was cut out to requirement and then fitted on the rest of frame that was designed from scratch. The car is powered by a quad engine from child’s quad hurling it up to such speed. Austin has been an avid DIY’er for a long time and he always wanted to make the world’s smallest car. So here have a look at this Guinness World Record holder car.

Via: AsiaOne



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