$100 Peachy Printer: World’s cheapest 3D printer can fit in the pocket


3D printer has all the goodness, but only one downside – it is downright expensive. 3D printing is costly because of highly priced 3D printers. With a vision to make 3D printing significantly economical to a point where it’s available to the masses, Rylan Grayston has developed the Peachy Printer – world’s cheapest 3D printer which cost just $100 i.e. almost five times cheaper than the cheapest option so far. In addition to being a 3D printer, the Peachy Printer also functions as a 3D scanner when being hooked to a camera. And thanks to its extremely diminutive cubic design, it fits right inside the pocket.

The Peachy Printer is available as the base kit for $100. You may need additional parts to be able to 3D print full fledgedly with it, a completely assembled printer costs $400. According to the developer, assembling the 3D printer is easy, it can be done effortlessly within an hour. To keep the cost of the Peachy Printer low, the printer isn’t made like traditional 3D printers. It makes 3D objects out of inexpensive resin. Below is a detailed video explanation and demonstration of how the Peachy Printer works.

Peachy Printer as mentioned, can sync with any digital camera (even DSLRs) to act as a 3D scanner. The 3D printer emits laser that scans objects while the specially designed Blender uses software to decode the object as a 3D model. The ultra-cheap 3D printer would soon become a real product since it has already crossed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000, so will you buy one?

Via: MakeUseOf



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