Homemade all-terrain vehicle isn’t afraid of thin ice underneath the wheels

Homemade all-terrain vehicle by Alexey Garagashyana

Walking or even driving on thin ice can be really dangerous and people living in the cold regions very well know the dangers when a lake gets covered in thin sheet of ice, seeming to the naked eye like solid ice. Many people lose their lives trying to walk or drive their vehicles on these hidden fatal tracks. It somehow reminds me of the series Ice Road truckers who risk their lives to move supplies forward to cut-off regions in their high-performance trucks but the unfortunate ones lose their lives. To counter this problem a chap called Alexey Garagashyana has come up with home-built all-terrain vehicle that can move swiftly on thin ice and if the ice under it does crumble then it can float and propel forward in chilling water too without drowning down deep. Complete with a powerful drivetrain for countering the elements of nature this DIY is truly remarkable in its own rights.

Homemade all-terrain vehicle by Alexey Garagashyana

When moving forward on solid ice the vehicle speeds past you at high speeds and the big wheels give it the much needed stability and traction on slippery ice. In case the ice under the tires crumbles, this vehicle pushes forward on the power of wheels to grab hold of solid ice and then again move on its path. Watching the video below makes me excited and scared at the same time because if there is some technical problem or the vehicle sinks then it is doomsday for the rider, but anyhow there is very slim chance of that happening so have a look.

Via: AutoEvolution



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