Custom-made Fleur de Leather iPhone cases by Sharad Mulchand

Fleur de Leather iPhone cases by Sharad Mulchand

When it comes to iPhone cases, we have seen a large share of them in different shapes, sizes, materials and makes. Yet, Sharad Mulchand, a New Orleans-based architect, designer finds a niche for his protective and functional cases. He has designed a line of handmade, custom-sized Fleur de Leather iPhone Carry Wallets in timeless classic designs.  

Most of the iPhone cases on the market are for protecting iPhones but none are made for protecting and carrying the iPhone along with other things you want to carry with you i.e. credit or ID Cards and perhaps some cash at a minimum. Sharad realized that most iPhone owners buy a protective case for their phones, but no two are alike; they come in different sizes, shapes and materials.

It was not an easy task, but after making more than 500 cases in the process Sharad has introduced his line of Fleur de Leather iPhone cases with a touch of New Orleans! And they come in seven different sizes. The smallest just for iPhone to the largest, for Mophie Juice Pack Plus.

Handmade from high quality, thick top-grain hides they are in a class by themselves. The superior quality and design are apparent. The Fleur de Leather cases look, feel and wear differently, if only the phone models did not change all the time, they would last a lifetime and yet not look out of place.  Sharad says ‘there is no paper thin leather in his iPhone Carry Wallets.’

Fleur de Leather iPhone cases with price

Fleur de Leather iPhone cases are available in seven different sizes at the Etsy store. Aviator Style Mophie in Ebony is priced at $97, while Aviator Style Rugged Brown costs only $79. Barely Bison costs $97 and Tucson for Mophie sells for $89, please take your pick.

Fleur de Leather iPhone cases Sharad Mulchand



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