The Caffeine Machine computer case mod

The Caffeine Machine computer case mod

We’ve seen some of the finest, awe-inspiring and really mesmerizing PC case mods in our time. But when it comes to modding, drougnor (member The Mod Zoo) believes the community needs fresh, new ideas. Inspired by his own weakness of drinking too much coffee while sitting on the PC, drougnor was struck with a brilliant new idea of combining coffee maker into a computer case – thus The Caffeine Machine computer case was born. 

The Caffeine Machine which is a coffee machine built into a computer case, is based on the InWin Q500 case. The modder selected InWin Q500 case for its tower size, stability, high quality steel construction and low cost availability. For the coffee maker drougnor has used a White-Westinghouse 4-cup coffee maker, one because it was easily available and second it was perfect size that could actually fit inside the Q500 case.

The Caffeine Machine computer case mod

The coffee maker is placed on the front bottom of the case for stability reasons, while the water tank (which was most difficult part of the entire project) sits atop the maker. The entire coffee maker enclosure is made out of metal sheet and is sealed up pretty well. Computer innards that comprise of Abit VP6 motherboard, 1GHz Pentium 3 processor, a GB of SDRAM, NVidia GeForce 256 (world’s first GPU), hot-swappable 20GB Maxtor boot drive and pair of 40GB Maxtor storage drives. The system has a CD-ROM, and ports for sound and network connectivity. You can read for full making details of The Caffeine Machine here.



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