Lego calendar by Vitamins syncs to Google Calendar via smartphone


Since the arrival of smartphones, all of us have our schedules and to dos set on the reminder. Others who don’t have it there, have it on Google Calendars or iCal. For the benefit of the two segments, UK-based design studio Vitamins has created a calendar entirely out of Lego bricks. Unlike other conventional calendars this one is a new age digital wall mounted calendar which syncs with Google Calendar or iCal. Just like an ordinary one in appearance, the Lego calendar is more physical and is digitally functional.


A perfect edition for all offices, the Lego calendar comprises of one row for each month and a column for all days of the week. In addition, there are colors for every project and minifig as representation for humans. The Lego calendar also has small rectangular bricks, which stand for half day on the project. Vitamin calendar works both in online and offline modes, and can sync with your smartphone to use Google Calendar or work with any cloud-based system for scheduling.


Vitamin has used openFrameworks to device a software which allow users to take picture of the calendar and send it as email to any address. Studio’s Google account the automaticalyy syncs to the Lego calendar. The  Lego calendar is being test over the last one year. After successful experimentation, the studio wants to put up the calendar software online, so are you ready?

Via: Vitamins/Technabob



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