Remote controlled flying Iron Man suit for Robert Downey Jr.

Flying Iron Man suit

Who doesn’t want to fly high into the dizzying heights like an Iron Man, feeling like a superhero? But to take into the sky banking on a jet powered suit can be quite risky that is why most DIYers only limit themselves to making Iron Man suits that look like the movies but can’t fly in real with a person inside. That is why RC Superhero miniature flying Iron Man toy measuring 16 inches was invented. But actor Robert Downey Jr. got the gift of his life from the staff of The Avengers movie as they went one step further by getting their own version of RC Superhero from Greg Tanous of RC Superhero that is a 6-foot tall remote controlled Iron Man replica. Here have a look at this flying Iron Man that will surely make on-lookers believe that Robert Downey Jr. finally made it to their town in real Iron Man suit.

Flying Iron Man suit

Just to tell you, this Iron Man suit is a one-off make and you won’t be having any luck if you want to buy one. Just to satisfy your desire to own a flying Iron Man replica you can go for the RC Superhero toy.

Via: MSN



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