Bathys Cesium 133 atomic wristwatch is the most accurate you’ll ever wear

Bathys Cesium atomic wristwatch

World’s first atomic wristwatch is here and it is accurate to a second every thousand years, probably the most accurate watch you’ll ever wear on your wrist. Made by Dr. John Patterson for Bathys Hawaii Watch Company, the wristwatch is called Cesium 133 and uses a small Symmetricon SA.45s CASC atomic clock on a chip. Although the watch looks too big for your wrist, it still worth sporting on your wrist in spite of its simple plain looks. The current prototype of Cesium wristwatch doesn’t need to sync with local government controlled atomic clocks which are only six in the world, rather it has its own atomic clock. According to John the final version of Cesium wristwatch will have LED status lights and an upgraded case. The current prototype is 60mm wide 50mm tall and 23mm thick making it too big for a small wrist. The purchasable version of Cesium will have improved battery life courtesy a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack installed inside.

Bathys Cesium atomic wristwatch

Bathys Cesium atomic wristwatch

Bathys Cesium atomic wristwatch

Bathys Hawaii will make only 20 limited edition Cesium 133 watches all set to be released in 2014 with expectancy of even more watches in the following months having an upgraded design. Since this watch is so exclusive and probably the most accurate when it comes to wristwatches therefore it will set back the buyers almost $12000 apiece.

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