3D printed toothbrush cleanses teeth effectively in 6 seconds

Blizzident 3D printed toothbrush

Getting clean, sparkling teeth could be just a 6 second affair as world’s most customized toothbrush is here. Developed by Blizzident, this advanced toothbrush is the best thing you can opt for a teeth cleaning regime like never before. Taking advantage of 3D printing capability to produce the exact cast of your teeth by scanning the lower and upper jaw, embedded with cleaning bristles aligned at 45 degree angle along your gum-line. To ensure that the teeth remain clean even in the hardest to reach places like between your teeth, there are inter-dental bristles. If your tongue feels unclean then you can floss it against the bristles too. In total there are 600 bristles that have to be placed on the toothbrush and after getting the 3D printing data of the person’s teeth, a 3D printer uses stereo lithography technology to make the final product.

Blizzident 3D printed toothbrush

Once the dentist takes the impression of all your teeth in biting position or scans using 3D technology the file can then be uploaded to Blizzident website and your custom toothbrush is all ready for use on delivery.
For using the toothbrush that looks like an artificial denture, all you have to do is place inside the mouth and perform biting and grinding action for 6 seconds and your teeth cleaning job is done for the day. This action automatically initiates Modified Bass technique and Fones technique which are best known for cleaning teeth effectively.

Blizzident 3D printed toothbrush is available for purchase at their portal for the price of $300 and lasts a full year. The costs for direct scan or impression will set you back another $75 – $200, adding to the costs. But all this spending will definitely save you from frequent trips to the dentist which will benefit in the long run.

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