Century HACALO! cycling sensor, pedometer and heart rate monitor launched in Japan


Japanese take the phrase ‘health is wealth’ a little over the board. They are ever inclined at creating accessories that can sync with everyday gadgetry to help stay fit, healthy and wise. Case in point the new HACALO! (Hakaro!) line of products by Century. The lightweight and functional devices in the brand include a cycling sensor, a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. The devices works with a dedicated free app (ALA Coach +) on the iPhone and connects with the iPhone via Bluetooth. The user has to feed in the data in the devices pertaining to name, gender, height, weight and target weight and leave the rest for the HACALO! devices to do.

HACALO! Cycling sensor

Century-HACALO-cycling sensor

Measuring 76.5mm high and 17.3mm wide, the HACALO! Cycling sensor, attaches to the rear wheel of the cycle and helps measure speed, distance, time travelled and pedal rotation. The HACALO! Cycling sensor is built-in with GPS and syncs with iPhone using Bluetooth. It displays information in addition to the route and position on the iPhone display.  Priced at 3,980 yen (approx. $40), the sensor is powered by a CR2032 coin battery that offers about 1200 hours of battery backup. Featuring IPX6 equivalent waterproof performance, the 20g cycling sensor can be used to send the information regarding your performance directly on social networks.

HACALO! Run and Walk Sensor


The next in line is a HACALO! Run and Walk sensor – a pedometer which can be attached on to the shoelace of your running shoes to measure the number of steps taken along with time, speed, distance. HACALO! Run and Walk sensor measures 25mm high and 8.3mm wide, it weigh only 10g and features GPS to display the route. Priced at 3,480 yen (approx. $35), the pedometer is powered by CR2032 coin battery offering 200 hours of backup.

HACALO! Heart Rate Sensor

Century-HACALO-heart rate monitor

Featuring built-in GPS to display position and routing, the HACALO! Heart Rate Sensor is worn around the chest to measure heart rate, calories burned and average heart rate. Weighing only 45g and offering 800 hours of battery backup, the 4,800 yen (approx. $50) heart rate monitor measures 295mm high × 12mm broad.

The best thing – all HACALO! devices can be used in combination with each other, in case you want the entire body to be monitored the same day.

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