Hand gesture controlled Rumble speaker

Rumble Speaker

A very new kind of wireless speaker with no buttons or switches has been created by Fredrik Waernes from Switzerland which is an altogether different approach to developing high quality audio gadgets. The inspiration for making this speaker came from the way in which we interact with forms in our daily life, moreover Fredrik wanted to take a detour from the usual way of experiencing music. And hence came into existence the Rumble speaker which in itself is the switch and button to control the audio properties like play, pause, volume up and volume down. By transferring the motion and interaction into the speaker itself, a new kind of solution to controlling sound came into existence. With the use of Bluetooth and three axis accelerometer technology, he managed to create a speaker that in itself is the switch and button for actuating properties of audio played.

Rumble Speaker

In the Rumble speaker to raise or lower the volume of audio feed, all you have to do is roll it in one or the other direction whereas to turn the speaker on or off you just have to keep it in lying sown or upright position. It is as simple as that. Rest of the connection with your Bluetooth enabled device is done automatically in the lying down position of Rumble speaker. Ruble speaker is one of the entries on James Dyson Award and surely looks good to give other projects some stiff competition.

Via: JamesDysonAward



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