Breathtaking Diorama PC case mod recreates battle scene

Diorama PC case mod

Having seen so many PC case mods that are an inspiration in themselves, Hiroto Ikeuchi decided to convert his simple looking desktop setting into a diorama that will surely make you say the word ‘Wow’. Taking up the theme of “storage base“ by decorating all desktop exteriors and the output devices in one cool setting, Hiroto clearly had picture of how the final desktop mod in a diorama world. As you take a close look at the diorama you’ll notice everything from soldiers, robotic figures to tanks, turrets and even space shuttles all ready to launch a worldwide attack. There is a lens clip light made from disassembled camera, Gundam USB flash memory in plastic model make, mouse made in the shape of army tank and keyboard that has been modified on one side. All the internal components of the CPU have been carefully modelled to go with the theme and give the feel of a secret storage base.

Diorama PC case mod


Hiroto has definitely managed to catch our attention and rightly so as he has amalgamated two different concepts of diorama and PC case mod into one cool setting that looks surreal. Frankly, it is one PC case mod that is irresistible and once you set your eyes on it you want to create something similar yourself. A salute to this DIYer for such an amazing creation.

Diorama PC case mod

Via: Ikeuchi-products



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