Whiz kid built submarine from scrap remains underwater for 30 minutes

DIY Nautilus submarine

18 year old Justin Beckerman has this ability to turn scrap into things that make more sense for example miniature hovercrafts, replica Mars rover, wind turbine and other machines. This love for making complex machines from scrap is inspired by his dad who has been encouraging his kid to make such cool stuff. This time around he has made a fully functional submarine made from a salvaged soda fountain machine and eight foot long and two foot wide corrugated drainage pipe section. Called as Nautilus, this manned submarine has been made from scratch part by part, making sure that there is no room for water seeping in. To do this Justin connected 1.5 gallon air compressor to the soda machine’s regulator and to get in air a four way splitter is attached to each of the four 10 gallon ballast tank that lower or raise the submarine.

According to Justin, Nautilus submarine was tested rigorously in his basement before getting into deep waters to ensure safety. In the initial tests it was found out that the compressor became hot and melted wires so a fan had to be added later on and high-gauge wires were used instead. Also submerging the submarine into water was an issue so he added dumbbells with total weight of 250 pounds and 13 sandbags to it.

DIY Nautilus submarine

The DIY submarine has super bright LEDs for lighting underwater, radio communication, three voltmeters to read submarine’s electrical systems displayed on old DVD screen, magnetic compass for navigation, sonar powered fish finder to analyze the depth and two custom-made fins to steer the submarine in deep waters safely.

After all the nifty improvements were made, Justin took his first trip aboard the submarine into the lake and stayed underwater for 30 minutes which is a great achievement for the kid of his age. And not to forget all the brain-storming he did to make this submarine himself. Probably one of the whiz kids who’ll make it big in the future.

Via: PopSci



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