Sharp displays PV cleaning robot for largest solar panels

cleaning robot for large PV power plants

If you thought photovoltaic panels’ at large power plants and industry units are cleaned using robots, you are damn right. And if you thought there were massive cleaning robots to clean them, you’re right again. Adding to the list of cleaning robots for power plants, Sharp recently introduced a cleaning robot that cleans photovoltaic panels of large PV power plants. The robot that weighs 50kgs and measures 600mm x 3030mm x 300mm (WxLxH) was exhibited at Ceatec Japan.

Dirty PV panels are less effective and have lesser power generation capacity, therefore it is important that the panels are clean all the time. The cleaning robot moves horizontally across the array of panels and removes all the dust. For cleaning, the robot sprinkles water on the panels and the wipes water and cleans dust with its squeezes. The robot cleans one array of PV panel horizontally, on cleaning it automatically stops and needs to be placed on the next row with hand.

The length of the Sharp’s cleaning robot that can work continuously for four hours, and clean 1,800 solar panels an hour, can be decreased on increased depending on the size of the panel it has to clean.

Via: Techon



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