Lightweight and waterproof Hydroflex skateboards for urban junkies

Hydroflex skateboard

Looking for a lightweight, waterproof and high tech skateboard that comes in a plethora of color options? Then you have come to the right place as Kickstarter crowd-funding platform is hosting Hydroflex hi-tech composite skateboards that are state of-the art in every aspect of their make. Hydroflex skateboards adopt honeycomb design with radiating colors that more than appeal the eye. Using 3D glassing technology, triaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin, rail reinforcements, integrated nose protector and high-density pet foam that gives rigidness to the whole board; these skateboards are what extreme action sport junkies hanker for.

The deck of these skateboards have reinforcements around the rails that absorb the impact forces and integrated nose and tail guards for keeping a check on wear and tear. Moreover the flex of the deck can be tuned for board shape and superior responsiveness. The project looks good for achieving funding goal and pushing forward into production stage, so if you are a skateboarder then this is your chance to book exclusive Hydroflex skateboard that comes in plenty of makes.

Via: Kickstarter/HydroflexSkateboards



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