Mobislyder video recording track for smartphones, tablets and cameras

Mobislyder video slider

While making videos on your digital camera, iOS or Android device the main glitch is stability of your device to shoot smooth sequences. A panning movement can never be absolutely perfect as there is some shaking of hand that gets amplified when you have a look at the recorded video later on. Just like the silky smooth panning effect of camera recording in movies and TV serials, Mobislyder is an accessory for your iOS device that allows you to shoot amazing videos. Made from precision carved aluminum track, the accessory mounts your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android smartphone and tablet for that subtle motion just like you see in the movies. Mobislyder can also be mounted onto a tripod for taking some cool shots.

Unlike other rail systems that are too bulky and expensive, the Mobislyder accessory is pretty upbeat. It only weights equivalent to a water bottle and can fit a backpack easily for carrying around with you on adventure trips. This portable cinema track for your camera, tablet and smartphone will set you back $95 which is quite reasonable if you are an avid videographer.

Mobislyder video slider

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