Chill your beer in less than a minute with Spin Chill

Spin Chill beer chilling device

Beer tastes best when it is chilled and if you have a can of beer that is in normal room temperature you’ll have to freeze it in the refrigerator for at-least 10—15 minutes before it is chilled again. But all that is set to change as now you can reduce that time to almost 30-60 seconds using the Spin Chill. Using a very age old technique of spinning the beer can inside ice to obtain cooling effect, this project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter even before the stipulated limit. No wonder people have funded this project as they would give anything to have chilled beer cans within a minute’s time at maximum. Made from 3D printing technique the initial design of the device looks like a drill with suction cap on the top, but that very cap holds the beer can in place for spinning action.

Spin Chill beer chilling device

But the finished prototype version of Spin Chill is a small little gadget that has space for attaching drill to it and on the other side rubber like material that holds the can in place to give it a good spin for super-fast cooling. Now the question that would come up in your mind is that wouldn’t there be bubbles or sudden fizz if the can is opened immediately after the spin. Then let me tell you that there won’t be even a bubble, as spinning motion pulls the micro-bubbles away from wall of the container to form one large bubble which immediately disperses as soon as the container is opened.

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