Tikker wristwatch countdowns your life

Tikker wristwatch death watch

It’s true that the longevity of our life is unpredictable and no one can predict it with precision. But now a wristwatch called Tikker will at least give you the opportunity to try and do so. Made by Fredrik Colting as an inspiration from his grandfather’s death, this watch focuses on us being alive and making the most of whatever time we have left at hand. This wristwatch reminds me of the concept shown in the movie “In Time” which valued time more than any other tangible or intangible asset. Going with the theme “Make Every Second Count” this wristwatch calculates the time left until you’ll be doomed by the data provided in a questionnaire. Once the user fills the questionnaire from Tikker handbook and derives the result, the time until death can be set and thereafter you’ll surely cherish whatever time you have left.

Tikker wristwatch death watch

The Tikker wristwatch is up on Kickstarter platform for funding and with almost 23 days to go the funding goal has been achieved. So you can also get you own life countdown watch by pledging at least $39 over on this crowd-funding platform. The concept of this wristwatch is quite simple and although no one can predict accurately how long he/she is going to live, this watch concentrates on the realization of making the most of our present and live every day as if it was the last.

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