Burg smartwatch is fully functional phone inside a watch

Burg 18 smartwatch

The concept of smartwatch has gripped the world like anything and every one of us want to own a smartwatch one day or the other. But a Dutch company with the belief that smartwatch should be a smartphone inside a watch and not a watch that is simply wirelessly connected to a compatible smartphone. Burg smartwatches that is a company dedicated to making high-end smartwatches had launched its first smartwatch nearly a year ago touting that Apple’s iWatch was inferior to its product has now launched the Burg 18 Moscow smartwatch that is really impressive if we go by the specifications. Just like its other previous smartwatches that boast of being a fully independent functioning phone this one is also amazing.

Running on Android 4.0 OS the 1.54 inch display (240×240 pixel) of the smartwatch looks really cool on first look. And on the inside it is hiding more like a slot for inserting SIM card, 3G & WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, 2 MP camera (CMOS), MPEGLA, Sisvel and a slot for Micro SD card (up to 32 GB). All this you can get for $399 and other smartwatches (with all or some of the above features) in the Burg range will cost anywhere between $149 to $399 and you can have sneak peak below at how they look.

Burg 12 smartwatch

Burg 13 smartwatch

Burg 14 smartwatch

Burg 15 smartwatch

Burg 16 smartwatch

Burg 17 smartwatch



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